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Active bass battery connection clip whistling/dying

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s-l400.jpg.4f1fc06cafecbf0298ba5c4ed73ee77a.jpgDear all,


Wonder if anyone could help with this! Due to head abroad for a job in a few days and, perfectly timed, my only useable professional bass had decided to die on me ūüôĄ .. serves me right for only having one good one!


Attempted to change the 9v battery in my MusicMan Sterling Ray active bass and after wrestling with the clip a while during the change, and finally prising the old battery off, after inserting the new one I'm getting whistling, a faulty connection which cuts out and sometimes nothing at all. Wonder if I've managed to somehow managed to break the battery clip during all the twisting.. anyone else had a similar issue and know if it's an easy fix?


Contacted the local repair guy who's gonna have a look at it tomorrow but really bricking it as leaving Thursday night! Timing really is everything ha.




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59 minutes ago, John Cribbin said:

Well if you have damaged the clip it's an easy fix. Your guy will either unsolder the whole battery leads, or cut and resolder a new clip. 


Look on the bright side, better it failed before you go than during the trip.


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I was¬†just thinking that! It would be an absolute nightmare¬†to replace that from abroad, even though there's only a few days until I leave it's better than nothing! Glad to know it might be an easy fix for the clip, hopefully they can sort¬†it locally and not¬†have to hot foot it up to London¬†ūüėĄ. I can never seem to get the damned battery out properly. Thanks John!

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