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ACG Finn SC Classic 6 - 33"


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Hi All,


Up for sale is my custom spec 6 string ACG Finn SC Classic.


The details of this exact bass can be found on the ACG site: https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0095-finn-sc-classic-6/ 


The low B can sneakily be strung through the body (if you see the pictures of the back), although I've never found the need. The 33" is lovely, and makes this far more playable than the 34-35" I've tried. It has the John East preamp, and I'm a huge fan of the ebony board. Ziracote top and Wenge back.


There's not a mark on it - and I believe an order of this spec would be >£2.5k + build time. I'm only moving it on to make way for a recent addition to the fold.


Comes with the hard case pictured.







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Wow, my old Finn 6er!
You've taken amazing care of it, it's an incredible bass too.
If I hadn't moved to even shorter scales, I'd be seriously tempted to buy it back.

Just for reference, something similar these days would likely be over £3k now, but absolutely worth every penny :) 


Best of luck with the sale!



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3 minutes ago, RaNoFuNkY said:

Cheers Eude mate. I have loved this.


I almost exclusively play 30-32". This 33" scale certainly feels like a 32", probably because the bridge is so far south on the body, so the 1st fret is less of a reach - if that makes sense?

Total sense, that's how I asked Alan to make it :)
It's a super comfortable bass!

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