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One of my friends got given a bass guitar from one of his friends who asked him if he knew anyone who might be interested in it and that was me. It is a no-name R**********r clone. It stays in tune and the intonation is pretty good, the pickups work in terms of volume but the tone controls do not. Currently I have it plugged into a cheapo guitar amp that I have with all of the treble turned off.


I have listened to dub for years and after having been given this I happened across Donstrumental and his Reggae Bass Hub so I have downloaded some of his tutorials and I am starting on the Studio One collection.  I am slowly working through it while I also look at beginner lessons on yootoob. The callouses are starting to form and I am enjoying it.


I have been reading the forum lots and there is lots of good info here. I am finding it useful and entertaining to read the posts and hope to start contributing when I have something worthwhile to say. Thanks for having me.

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