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The passing of a Basschat legend (sad news inside)


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Yesterday we were contacted by the family of Martin Berry, who you may know better as MB1, and informed of his passing on the weekend at the age of only 59.


Martin was a moderator on Basschat for as long as I can remember. Like all of us, he was here because he had a passion for music. His family are well aware of the extent of his 'wheeling and dealing' and how much he enjoyed being a part of this community which he helped us create. As a moderator, his style was forgiving, and always combined with a sense of humour so left-field that it often left me scratching my head.


Now and then, when he could remember his login, Martin would get a taste of blood and go on a 'moderation bender' and moderate the hell out of BC for a few days before resuming his buying and selling habit. All the time, his interest was in keeping the forum fair and fun, and everyone he dealt with was on the receiving end of his sharp wit and kind nature.


His family have promised to share information about his funeral in due course. I will update the thread with details for anyone able to attend, or perhaps set some time aside at the time to contemplate how short life can be, and how we should all take a leaf out of Martin's book and enjoy it whilst we can.


Please raise a glass for MB1, rest in peace mate and remember, even valve amps are weightless in heaven :)


On behalf of the Basschat team


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-18 at 8.59.51 PM.jpeg


Martin Berry playing an Alembic Epic he probably bought and sold on Basschat 

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So sad. Martin was a lovely guy and the lifeblood of Basschat. The forum will be a colder place without him. 

I had many dealings with Martin over the years and he was always an absolute pleasure and naturally very funny. I really used to enjoy receiving pm's from him as they always made me laugh. 

My thoughts are with his family and friends. 

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Martin and I go back about 10 years!!


We bought and sold each other so much gear it was a borderline joke.


When we had our youngest in hospital (Martin was a hospital Porter), he was there - and brought his left field humour to keep us going - he checked in with Jen and I as well as saying hello to family and the kids.


“I’m yer dads mate…I buy all the bass stuff he regrets” 😂


What a bloody awful shame.



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That's shocking, no age at all, my condolences to his family and friends.


I only knew Martin through his 'wheeling and dealing' here, always a pleasure to deal with.



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So sad to think that I'm never going to see another post that begins with


MB1 😎


again. As others have said, 59 is no age at all. RIP brother, my deepest condolences to your family.

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Gutted, truly am. Met him once when delivering a bass to his house in Manchester. A lovely and funny guy and I would have loved to stay a bit longer chewing the fat. 


MB1 😎


RIP and you'll be very much missed. 

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Martin was one of only a handful of BCers I met in real life- true to form he was giving away a practice amp.


I remember having a brew and a natter about tons of different stuff (Warwick Buzzards in particular) and remember thinking that he was a really lovely guy. 

RIP Martin.

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Damn, a truly wonderful guy, one of the few humans with whom I was able to communicate telepathically


Beedster: Hey Martin.......

MB1: You want me to reopen one of your For Sale threads don't you?

Beedster: Thanks Martin


He bought a rig from me a while back and there were complications involving, you guessed it, a courier, and we had a chat on the phone. What a bloody lovely guy, bloody lovely. Great sense of humour and a great attitude. Every time we PM'd since I could hear his voice and his accent as I read his words.


Up there in the great gig (and even better gear forum) in the sky now mate. I'll raise a glass or two to you this evening, as will a lot of musicians in the UK and beyond who you touched with passion and humour. 


Sincere condolences to those you've left behind



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