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Now sold, thanks


Seems like the first question for any octave pedal is "does it do the OC2 thing?".

I can, with full confidence, state that this 100% nails the OC2 sound :)


Bought on only a couple of weeks ago because I seem to be trapped in a cycle of romanticising analogue octavers, buying one, then realising I play far too many droning chords for it to actually be any use to me.


Pedal is in really very decent condition, one ugly scratch by the output jack which I've shown in the photos.

Previous velcro was removed by me, and somehow I kept the label and serial number in tact. I realise now that I stupidly didn't take a photo of the underside of the pedal and I'm now commuting to work, so that pic will be added tonight if it's a deal-breaker for you.

The little O-ring around the battery compartment screw is as knackered as you'd expect from a 25+ year old boss pedal. 

Asking £80 shipped as that's what I paid for it and I think it's a bit of a bargain.



IMG20210819100607.thumb.jpg.41c2324b4a5ba7394ce37bf20e5bec9b.jpgIMG_20210819_103818.thumb.jpg.470d2e535884e5880c384bd0448f3fac.jpgIMG_20210819_103840.thumb.jpg.f7832a830123cfa369f55f72417938ab.jpgNo box but will be well packed. Any questions just ask.


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