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Going 'through' The String Thing-------------


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I'm wanting to try different strings. As you know how expensive sets are, so looking at second hand possibility's.


Looking to try:


a) 'Obligatos'

b) Flexocor  Delux

c) D'Addario Helicore Forths--Tuning Cello

d) D'Addario Helicore Hybrid Bass String Set 3/4 Scale Length Medium Tension  (Still wanted)

e) Pirastro Oliv G  (G only)


If you have any of the above mentioned sets for sale send me a PM with condition / photo / price.


Many thanks.


















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This for the dB or the new cello project?


I have some dAddario Helicore Hybrid bass strings ... A guy I had lessons from says they are the worst of both worlds in that they don't pizz or bow well.  I would say they bow easier than my full tension spiros and still work ok for pizz ( actually I don't think the band members can tell the difference, and the audience don't care ).  Orchestra rehearsals start again next month and ( if a few clients pay invoices) I'll be upgrading to Evah Ps  .. which bow AND pizz better.  Upon which the helicores could go to a new home.


Nothing does pizz like spiros imho, but then, I do like a "modern" long sustain sound with less thump and more mwah 😉

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Here's what I have. Helicore Hybrid Series, medium tension.  Steel core.  Not much "thump" to them, quite soft.  A deal quieter than my "full strength" spiros and less hard work to finger.


NB: just listening to Eddie Gomez .. a sound I like, & pretty much thump free. Spiros apparently.


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