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Line6 Helix Floor Unit

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Line 6 Helix Floor Unit mint condition boxed with Protection Racket Soft Case.


Used once, too complicated for me 🤣


Three months old and has sat in its case for most of that. Receipt from PMT in Manchester available.


As close to new as you’ll get without paying full price. Original box included


Cellophane covers on glass areas still in place


More info here https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-amps/amp-simulators/line-6-helix-floor-multi-effects-unit




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That really is a great piece of kit.


I'm sure everyone knows this but as well as the units own facilities (which are extensive to say the least) there are some terrific routing and blending options available with the external loops as well as integrated and assignable control functions.


I used the LT for a while and tbh I got more use with the unit as a 'control centre' than I did from a lot of the internal effects and sims.



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On 13/08/2021 at 08:30, redd said:

+1 for the Helix. Incredible bit of kit. I'd have had this like a shot if I hadn't just bought the Lt version. 


Also this is a great price!!


Thank you. It’s literally brand new and still in warranty. 

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