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NBD Buzz Hornet


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Now that the monsters are mostly asleep... 


So, the colour is absolutely impossible to capture in photos. It's white, slightly creamy, and with pearl coat before clear. It's got a subtle mint hue that I can't seem to photograph. 


Fretboard is very dry, but looks like a very nice piece of rosewood. I'll oil it in a couple of days when trying some other strings. 


It's lighter than my recent Mendel, but balances better. 


So far, I'm happy. 











IMG_20210804_190600 (1).jpg




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Yeah that's a very light relic, I went for a pretty much brand new look (even though they're rather good with heavy relics) except for a few dings to make me not worry about getting one, and gentle cracking on the headstock. It was made to order and I had a say on many details along the process. 


After a good hour playing, I can also confirm, it is super playable and sounds superb. Very lively, resonant and responsive. 

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Just to confirm, oiling the fretboard made a huge visual difference. Fretwork and nut (bone) are absolutely perfect. Very lively, responsive and articulate bass, as opposed to my previous "good" Precision, the Nate Mendel, which was somewhat stiff in comparison, quieter unplugged and kind of sounded always the same. 


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Posted (edited)

This bass still surprises me a little bit every time I pick it up, how good it is. I've always been of an opinion that a P-bass is a P-bass is a P-bass, and I still am, but despite the somewhat understated looks, every little part on this is top quality, and then it's all put together really well. 

The only option I would have liked was maybe a quarter-sawn, or flamed or roasted (or all at once) neck wood. Mateusz gets bodies and necks CNCd in bulk for him in Japan, and the choices are: P, PJ, '51P or J body in alder or Ash, and maple/maple or maple/rosewood with either dots or blocks/binding in either P or J nut width. I've had a 2010 MiM, 1990s mij, 2010 Am Std and most recently a 2013 Nate Mendel when it comes to precision, plus a few cheapie, out of which the red-is Vintage V4 pictured in the background above I've kept and love dearly; this Buzz is the best of the bunch and I didn't pay for it much more than I sold the Mendel for. 

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