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Subscription renewal: do we get a reminder?



I've been subscribing for years, but I have not been selling anything in ages (you'll see me in an episode of hoarders soon ;) ) which is how I think I was finding that my subscription had ran out. 

I still intend to keep paying the annual £20, as I lurv the site and I am sure I'll sell stuff again, but I have no idea when my subscription runs out. Is there a way to check, or maybe we get a reminder when it's a bout to expire or...


Apologies if that information is already on display somewhere, I'm having my morning coffee and maybe my sleepy brain missed it.

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First of all, thanks for the continued support! 


The easiest way to check your current purchase status is to look at 'Manage Purchases' here


Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 10.06.12.png


That should give you the next expiry date. You will also receive an email I think two weeks before the renewal, which will give you a week's grace period to renew at the discounted price. Perhaps that's going to spam?


Let me know if I can help with anything, it looks as though you're all set until late November?


Thanks again for supporting the site, we rely on people subscribing even if they don't use the marketplatz




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1 minute ago, mcnach said:



Thank you, I suspected there would be an obvious place to check. :)



Don't worry, it's not that obvious tbh - even I had to go back and change what I wrote because I forgot where it was!

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