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Does this look like a £2k relic?

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That's awful. Like the worst Squier Affinity vs. idiot with belt sander botch job you've ever seen.


Beggars belief a that a proper luthier/custom shop would turn out such a mess, even more so that anyone would part with cash for it. Hideous.

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9 hours ago, paul_5 said:



All that 'relic' on the front and no buckle rash? Pull the other one.

My thoughts exactly.


and the amount of ‘relic’ just makes it look like a very badly treated instrument - eg all the damage around the headstock - that’s not ‘wear’.

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4 minutes ago, CookPassBabtridge said:

Although for someone who generally isn’t keen on relics it’s taught me a lesson, in that there is an art to making a decent/authentic looking one.


Yeah, it's 30-40 years of hard, genuine, use...

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On 26/07/2021 at 19:54, BreadBin said:



Looks like a variation on the 'World Tour' finish.

Do people really part with their hard earned moolah for that?  I’m a fan of a natural relic, anyone that’s seen my Oly White ‘69 Jazz Bass will know how much I love it - but this just seems way over the top and completely unnatural?


 Not for me I’m afraid.

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