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(Mid-Build £300 Deposit) ACG 6/33 Salace E Type. ART Burl Top, 6 String, 33" Scale, Set Neck.
Wickford, Essex.


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Afternoon all,


Due to some essential house works I'm looking to sell my deposit on for this remarkable ACG 6 string 33" scale Salace E Type. 


The RRP as shown below in the spec sheet is £3570 - Alan kindly did me a deal at £3100 (£470 off RRP) and has said he will honour this price for anyone who would take on the build. My deposit is £300, so to take on this build the deal is £300 to me to cover my stake, and £2800 to Alan upon completion (due circa December 2021) before delivery/collection.


I do not want to be selling my stake in this bass as it looks to be a spectacular build... the ART burl top with gold resin is stunning, the neck dots will be made from the top wood with double dots at the 12th and 24th fret. Matching ART burl headstock cap too. 


The pickups are an RFB active humbucker in the bridge and an active PB in the neck position with a DMF 5K A/P pre-amp which I have on two other ACGs and this combination allows for almost any conceivable tone you might want. 


The body is swamp ash with a 5 piece Ash/Wenge neck and a sure-to-be-stunning Acrylic Impregnated Holly fretboard.


This really will be an absolute killer bass in every capacity. You'd have until December to pay off the full balance after clearing the £300 deposit, so the remaining £2800 could be paid all at once, or in chunks up until December of this year, so plenty of time to fund it! 


If you have any other questions, just let me know. Thanks. 











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