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3D Printer Help_Split Coil Pickup Surround


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Anyone do 3D printing or know their onions?


So my Rear Rour P Bass Body Arrived... but with a 'knock' on the corner of the Split P Cavity.

I took the offer of a tenner discount, as i'ts a budget and first build... anything to keep the cost down... and a likelyhood of making a mistake or two along the way... But perhaps i'd of been better off sening it back for a repacement... Oh well!


Searching the net for some sort of surround or bezzel to cover the gap...

Found this pic - custom made in metal from 'frets on the net', US and Big $ - looks nice though...


Next up is this from Allparts but £30 plus p+p... Nice, practical... Ideally without the mounting holes.


Found this, looks like ya BWB 3 ply, but Jazz Only... without mounting holes would look better.



I message our favourite custom pickguard guy 'earlpilaz' following the love for his Harley B scratchplates... but gonna be £25ish due to the work involved.


Anyone 3D printing that has any ideas... Black, 5mm wide surround bezzel to cover, Thin profile-wise 2mm? preferably without mounting holes... More like the ones round the ears of the EMGs, but if it needs be squarer like the allparts one for substance and ease of making.


I also found this £25ish... 'prolly 'good for metal' but a NO from me... I'd rather the gap!



Any help would be most welcome, otherwise it will have to stay as is, edge painted in screening paint, and just hope it's not to visable when the pickup is fitted.


Sticky Back Jazz ones could be a 'thing' for PJ's...

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Thats An idea... not really got anything to suit... and prolly end up making it look worse, not so bad if painting the body. shame they didnt find the missing bit, or notice before shipping.

Waiting for a neck to arrive another idea would be getting a bit of veneer in light rosewood... easier to cut than plastic... got a feeling i'll just leave it...

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On 23/07/2021 at 13:44, PaulThePlug said:

Anyone do 3D printing or know their onions?


21 minutes ago, MoonBassAlpha said:


Hmm... I don't know about onions (well, I have grown 'em, and they're a staple, but I'm not an expert on 'em...). I do do 3D printing on occasion, however, and would be willing to give it a try, under certain conditions. The first (and non-negotiable...) is the tariff : the stuff I do, when I do it, costs one broad smile, no more, no less. I do this for fun, and it costs less than peanuts. Once that's been established and accepted, I'd need an accurate template (a scaled tracing, maybe a photo with a ruler beside as well..?) and a very clear idea as to what's expected. If you're happy with all of that, we could pass onto PM and sort something out. If you want. S'up to you. No pressure. Any help..? Meanwhile...


Keep well, stay safe.



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