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Metallica - "My Friend Of Misery" (Bass Solo/Instrumental Cover With TABS)

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Hi there bass fellas. This is just me trying to pay some homage to one of the most remembered contributions that bassist Jason Newsted made to Metallica while he was in the band. As Jason himself stated in many interviews, his original idea was to develop these bass sections into a later full instrumental studio track. We all know that didn´t happen since the song "My Friend Of Misery" included in the multi-platinum selling album "Metallica/The Black Album" was recorded with lyrics by James Hetfield as usual; but nevertheless Jason had the actual chance to perform this song live many times in live shows/tours presenting it to the people in a closer way to his original idea. What I am playing here is actually a similar version of his fully instrumental take on this tune, close to what you can hear in multiple live shows, most notably the live show in San Diego ´92 / ("Live Sh*t Binge And Purge" Album).


I also included On-Screen TABS of what I´m playing in case some of the fellow bassists here want to follow the video with instrument-in-hand and they might come handy.


Thanks in advance for watching/listening!



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