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While this may not be noteworthy for some I have changed the strings on my bass today.  I saw the bass hanging up yesterday and the strings looked a bit grubby.  I changed the strings when I bought it but as far as I can work out I haven't changed them since.  The last time I ordered strings was in October 2017 so I'm guessing that's when I changed them.  The strings did weekly practice for a couple of years plus a few gigs.

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I finally changed strings on my Roscoe and MTD fretless last weekend. The Roscoe was last changed early 2020 and has seen daily practice use for 2020 to date. 😯 The B and E strings were particularly muddy in tone. The MTD is only 6 months old but why not, I wanted to use my Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro, a useless gift really for an amateur but it is a gadget and needed using (it saves a lot of time to be fair)

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