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Nut Slot - Help

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Nut slots on my new HBO-850 Acoustic need widening to take the Adagio Flats. I never payed much attention to the OE Phospher Bronze strings before taking them off but don't think they were a great fit.





Never done 'My Nut' before... but got some needle files... not going to purchase special tools for a one-off.

Any pointers? or anyone 'Know Their Onions' and lurking in the Orpington / Bromley manor willing to have a look or lend their hand?

Don't want to ar$e it up!

Ta Muchly...

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I 'penciled' the bottom of the nut slot, an mic'ed up the needle file, electrical tape either side of a 'nut width' wide section at 0.1" for the E

Check the slot angle with a 6" steel rule to get an idea, held the needle file to the slot and twisted, rather than back and forth, until the needle scuffed the pencil line at the bottom of the groove, same with the A at a smidge under 0.08... D and G were OK, and then 'penciled' all the slots with a bit of graphite to act as lube to reduce binding in the nut.

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Double a piece of wet and dry around a thinner string (the old set will do nicely) and use that to form the slots. Start coarse and polish with fine.

Cut slots at the same angle as the headstock - angle A + D slots toward the tuners.

Mask off the headstock (remove truss rod cover) and fretboard to avoid scratches.

Measure / offer up string frequently.

Capo on fret three and 10-20 thou between fret one and string is a good start...

You could improvise a GroovBar type of thing to get the depths in the ball park and prevent cutting too deep. 

Cutting too deep is bad... very bad.


Take your time, measure often and all will be well - worst case is a new nut.  😉


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Posted (edited)

Capo on fret three and 10-20 thou between fret one and string is a good start...

When freting 3, there is small light tap gap to the top of the 1st fret on all strings, so seems fine.

'Doing My Nut' has given me a bit more confidance, so may have a go at sanding the bridge blade down 1mm - 1.5mm to get the action down to about 3mmish E side and 2.5 mmish G side... something to think about and easier to replace than the nut if it goes wrong...

I should check for a shim under the piezo bar first... that would be handy.

EDIT: Took out the bridge blade and there was a shim between the bridge and the piezo bar. Was lightly glued in so hooked that out with a pin a and pair of tweezers, shim measured 1.6mm, bridge blade back in, a better fit with no bridge roll due to the increase on fitting depth... This resulted in a lower action by about 1mm at the 12th fret across all 4 strings. E now 3mm, G now 2.5mm.

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