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Line 6 Sonic Port - SOLD

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Very much a worked last time I used it (until it didn't)


This was core to my iOS rig until an iOS (I want to say 13 caused it to no longer work). Basically Apple updated their audio drivers for iOS and Line 6 just went meh, overnight stopping my rig working.

Please understand you are buying an unsupported piece of equipment that if you plug it into an old ipad air or mini (2/3/4) etc running iOS 12 you'll have no problems getting it to work. I know plenty of people running older devices for the purpose of connecting to a mixer or specific device. You too can be one of these people.


Come with the lightning cable, no box, or instructions.


Price includes shipping but no returns, it is what it is and it might be useful to someone but for me it's a paperweight.



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Does the connector at the Sonic Port end look exactly like this (on my Sonic Port VX)? 

I might nab this just to have a spare cable, which I believe are otherwise impossible to get. 



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