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ID that amp challenge


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Anyone identify this amp from these really poor pics? Looks like maybe a 3u rack type amp (seems two in a rack so assume one back up). Seems fender-ish type knobs but cant find anything fender wise on google that would match it.  Sound wise its old school valvey type but size wise im not sure it would be all valve 🤔🤔




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7 minutes ago, warwickhunt said:

Pearce and Yamaha used similar layouts/knobs.  Who are the band?

Its early Zutons. Amazing live tone with a 70’s jazz bass and flatwounds on old Jools Holland gigs

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Just now, Bankai said:

The microphone and cab suggest that it’s a guitar amp rather than bass amp at first glance

I thought that.  I did see a live vid where that make shift grill cloth was moving/bulging to the bass notes.  In earlier videos is a standard black looking metal grill

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3 minutes ago, Bankai said:




Fender Bassmann 1200 Pro / Sunn 1200S

(same amp but rebranded)


LEGEND!!! Thank you very much, ive been pouring over google images to find closer/better pics!

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I spent half an hour looking through Zutons live photos/videos to try and find a better image and found nothing.

Then I googled fender rackmount bass amp and had it inside of 30 seconds!

A version of this Fender was made under the Sunn name but as the bassist was a fender endorser I would hazard a guess it’s the fender version he’s using.

Sunn version:


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Clearest pic i managed eventually was this.  The fender thing makes sense as now the bass player is apparently with Noel Gallaghers solo project and is using a Super Bassman 300. Thanks again for the help 👍


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