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Adding an aftermarket tilt back prop-stand


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Hi all,

I want to add a fold out/flip out/kick back/tilt back prop stand underneath my TC Electronic BG250 amp. Here's what I mean, on my tiny guitar amp.


I'm thinking of screwing in one spring loaded handle like this:


Has anyone else tried this? Am I on the right track or is there something I haven't considered?


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I've had mixed results depending on the design of the cab. Some need to be tilted back, with support under the front, but others need support at the back if they are tilted back far enough to be useful.

I also had one that was back- supported, and worked fine on the flat, but tipped upright again when used on a raked stage.

It's worth checking if you haven't already done so.

Staying with your design, if you have access to an angle grinder, (or a hacksaw?), you can remove part of the hinge casing to ensure that the handle travels past 90 degrees.

As an alternative, you could screw 'captive nuts'


into the speaker cab base and bolt on a bracket when needed.


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Howzabout a proper tilt back amp stand? I've got one of these...


In my old Gtr days, and the odd occasion the 'lil combo comes out to play and i cant be arsed with the amp stand, i have a strip of wood that i tuck under the front edge... the one for my old Gtr amp had a couple of bore holes to locate the front amp feet... careful though as some amps want to go overbackwards at the slightest elevation, and are better chocked from the top at the back.

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