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New bass day (belated!) - Alpher Cobia V2 5 string in black sparkle

Rik (ESA)

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So a slightly belated NBD post - I recently picked up my Alpher bass which is one of the more recent basses that Alpher have worked with Tdog Customs on for the finish. I had been looking for a black sparkle finish for some considerable time, weighing up getting a bass resprayed along the way, but ultimately "took the plunge" to go custom with Alpher.

It's not a plunge at all, and as ever with hindsight, something I should have done a long time ago; I couldn't be any happier with this bass and the whole process working with the gents at Alpher.

I've followed Chris and Al's work for years and have always been blown away by pictures and videos, but when you physically play one... It's another level.

Every aspect of the bass is better than I imagined; the craftsmanship is far and away the best I've seen, as is the tone. "Little" details like the inclusion of a branded hard case, and even a proper mini tool are also excellent.

Chris kindly knocked up 3 scratch plates to keep it fresh periodically, and I'll add those photos on here as I change them for anyone interested.

I could quite literally spend hours raving about Alpher as a company and the bass itself, but most of you probably know it all already, and are just here for the pics, so here's a few to get going!






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