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<<<< SOLD >>>> - MusicMan Bongo 4H with Drop D Tuner
Pinner Middx. (HA5)


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                                                     <<<< NOW SOLD >>>>

MusicMan Bongo 4H in Stirling Silver in near mint condition.

Build in USA in 2009 and comes with original hard case, which is also in excellent condition.

The bass is very well setup and plays really well with all the headroom of the 18v preamp and the added versatility offered by the Hipshot Drop D tuner

Serial No. F25455 and is currently filled with EB Slinkeys.

I bough it from Petecarlton while I was waiting on a custom build bass to arrive and now want to get cut back a bit.


I'm based in Pinner Middx, near Pinner Tube and any trial is welcome. I'm happy to ship across UK for £20.

I'm not looking for any trades.

A few recent photos here and the link to Petes original ad has lots more info and photos.







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