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NBD Fender Marcus Miller USA 5


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Just got this - used to have one in natural a few years but sold it for some reason !! Have always liked the black ones as it makes the large pickguard less obvious. i Just love the tinted neck and gold coloured block inlays.

Looks mint in the pictures, but in fact its nicely "road-worn" for its 10 years, with little dings, chips, scratches here and there which will make me less worried about putting the first mark on it!  Set up was poor when I got it, so have adjusted the truss, all the saddles, intonation etc and it plays really nicely. Swapped out the completely dead strings for a partially used set I had to give a bit more brightness - plan to put Elixirs on when I can get some at a sensible price!

I know there are mixed thoughts on the pre-am/pickups (I'm assuming these are stock for now) but it sounds good, and there is no discernible single coil hum and no apparent earth/grounding issues - might be a different matter when recording or on a fully lit stage etc. Tone controls as most of you will know are treble/bass and boost/boost only. The bass boost is ridiculous, but set at about a 1/3rd it gives a nice tone.  

Pondering whether to replace the chrome knobs with fender-style black ones (the original would have been the unusual half and half which I'm not keen on).

Black MM Headstock.jpg

Black MM Body.jpg

Black MM.jpg

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