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'Wall ding' Ibanez SR 5 string head protector

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Hello I hope this is OK to post here, I have designed and 3D printed a head protector for my bass and would like to make it available to others. The space I play in at home is quite tight so I quite often knock the head against things, even taking it off the wall hanger I manage to bump it on the ceiling, I am a bit of a clumsy bugger! :) Although it would work for PA speakers on a tight stage or add a bit of protection in a gig bag. It is felt lined to prevent it scratching the bass itself and attaches with a snap lock to the underside of the tuning head so there wont be any rattles or falling off. This is my own design and not ripped off thingiverse, it took quite a few attempts to get the Ibanez curves just right I think there were about 16 iterations before I nailed it. This is based on an SR305 which has a smidge over 15mm thickness but I suspect it will fit other 5 string SR's . It's about a 3 hour print and I have just the one printer, so I'll try and keep one in stock, if there are a few interested I'll let you know an expected delivery. Printed from PLA+ colours available Black, white, red, stone (grey with flecks) and a bieige wood filament (not as tidy a print at the other colours may need a bit of sanding.)  I've not been on here long so here is may ebay feedback. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/h4cks

£10 Inc Postage to the UK.





Bit tricky to fit with one hand holding the camera but you get the idea!

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.40.20.png

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8 minutes ago, alyctes said:

Well, I was about to nab one for my SRF705 , but I'm sorry to say it wouldn't fit - the tuner arrangement is different.  Shame, it's a clever idea.

Ach didn't know they did a 2 over 3 :) if you have a digital caliper and some patience I might be able to modify it to fit.

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