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*** GONE *** Takstar PCM-6100 shotgun mics (pair)

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I bought these some years ago when first experimenting with mic'ing up a band. They've had very little use and have long since been replaced by serious upgrades!

Send me a fiver to cover P&P (UK only) and they're yours.

I found this very informative review, which gives far more details than I ever knew:

Nice price for a decent sounding mic. Solidly built with heavy brass body, electret condenser element rather than true condenser,. It requires external power to operate (9-48V phantom delivery). Internally the PCM-6100 is quite similar to the Pulse CDM1000 (which comes with 3 interchangeable heads for different pickup patterns) and mayb the similar appearing Samson CO2, and a few other Chinese manufactured mics. Unhappily, the threads that attach the head are different between these two mics so I couldn't swap elements between the otherwise nearly identical bodies and electronics. I though it odd that the PCM-6100 shipped with a shock-mount holder rather than a more standard and more rigid clip type, but this mic seems to be rather sensitive to handling noise (almost a metallic ring to it likely due to the brass body). I'll try damping it a bit. There must be less isolation between element and body, and maybe the issue was "addressed" by isolating the entire mic in the holder. I don't think this is acceptable for a $67 mic, though since it can be found at considerably lower prices could be a good deal -- as long as you're not going to hand hold it. apparently pencil mic doesn't always equate to hand mic. It uses a cardioid electret element (I haven't remove it from the head yet since I don't have a tool with me to accomplish that). The circuitry includes an FET front end external to the capsule, 2 bipolar transistors, and numerous resistors and capacitors. A zener diode regulates the applied voltage down to the ~9V the circuit requires. Since it isn't a true condenser, it doesn't need higher voltages. And while is does have a balanced XLR output (neither pin 2 or 3 is grounded), it does not have a transformer coupled output, which shouldn't be an issue.

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