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Edit:. Withdrawn. Grabbed this for a rehearsal last night and it sounded so good I can't bring myself to sell it 😂


I bought this a while back in a fit of nostalgia for my old EVO II that started my love of Ashdown.  A chap up the road was selling it for his grown up daughter, who played this in a band while at school, had since been to uni and then migrated to Japan and this has been sat in their garage ever since.

It was untested but looked hardly used, so I took a punt on it.  I was really lucky, on taking the head out it was immaculate inside.  I tested it and other than a slight crackle on a few pots it was perfect.  I took it to Guy at Ashdown for a service and he gave it a once over and replaced the valve drive pot, and it's sweet now. 

However I've then only played it a handful of times since and am trying to raise funds to buy a CTM200, so am tentatively putting it up for sale.  

Cosmetically there's a few minor scratches and small knocks in the tolex, but it's probably as clean as they come for a 19 year old UK made Ashdown.

The board was printed by Clive Button on 30/04/02 (see pic).  Interesting it's labelled as a 500w amp.  When I asked Dave Green about this when I had one before, he told me at one stage they were selling 500w amps labelled as 300's (under-promise and over deliver was the idea), but I can't confirm if this is indeed 500w.  It is blooming loud though!

Priced to sell at £295 - this is a lot of amp for your money, especially one that is UK made and recently serviced.

Collection from Chelmsford, Essex.











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