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Phil Jones Amps

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Double4 as home practice amp, it's great, very transparent, takes pedals well, surprisingly powerful, the standby/active/passive switch should be better quality though, they may be now, it was a known weakness I believe

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I have a D-400 and did a quick review below as part of a PJB thread HERE. Still havent managed to use it in anger at either a rehearsal or gig.........

On 22/09/2020 at 21:32, Acebassmusic said:

Just a quick update. I've been playing around with the PJB last weekend at home and comparing it to my Demeter for volume and tone, Using the same 4ohm Berg cab I found the 300w PJB to have plenty of volume against the 800w Demeter. My normal gig volume setting on the Demeter seemed to translate to the volume at 12 oclock on the PJB with room to spare. Pretty impressed and I'm sure that should I ever play a gig again (🤔😳🤣) there will be plenty of "me" to be heard 🙂 (If you're wondering, my nearest neighbour is 1/2 mile away so no problem there).

The Lo Bass knob is good to dial out wooly-ness whilst still keeping a full punchy sound. One thing I did notice was that at lower volumes the tone of the PJB seemed darker with less top end sizzle and snap. At low volume I had the Hi-mid and treble nearly full up but when increasing the volume I dropped them down to what you see in the photo below.



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7 hours ago, Pablo Bayonet said:

Anyone using and liking the PJ gear??? Just heard some ...sounding v good

This is what I posted in a PJB thread back in 2008 😮

I had the Dalek, whick was the full PJB stack with the M500 head. In a word awesome. It's MOSFETs but IMO it totally outgunned Ampegs (I have owned Ampegs). It's all there, you need to spend some time with it then you'll find your ideal sound. Then after you've spent more time with it, you'll find your ideal sound again! It's all there the tonal options are immense.
It's built like a tank (some of the components are military spec) and quite weighty because of it. There are people of this forum who's experience of PJB hasn't been good, but any email I sent was replied to either by Phil or one of the team usually the next day.
I only got rid, because the stack wouldn't fit into my new car.

Try it, and AB it with another amp, you'll hear the difference.

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I like his small driver cabs. I have two C4s and three 4Bs that I use in varying combinations according to how loud I need to be.

Very clean sound and project well, although you do need to use them in number if you want to make a bit of noise. They are also quite inefficient and take a bit of driving.

The 4B is fuller and a little softer in tone than the C4. As stand-alone cabs, I prefer them. However, I find two C4s with a tweeterless Berg 1x12 to fatten the bottom end makes a potent compact rig.

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I've used a Suitcase and 4b extention cab for years now. 

Mainly used for rehearsals and the band where I solely play doublebass. Every bass put through it at rehearsal sounds great, as do acoustic guitars and basses. Fantastic with doublebass, lovely clear, faithful reproduction, and with an FDeck HPF some serious volume without getting boomy. 

In the band with electric bass I go straight to desk with monitors so don't use usually, but if I've had to, it's been great. 

I'd love the full 'Dalek'. 

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I have a Briefcase and a Double 4.

Use them on acoustic type gigs - Briefcase if there's percussion going on but use the Double 4 on a wee quiet duo gig that I do. Sounds fantastic and just ludicrous for the size.

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