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Vintage (?) Encore ID Help


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I sometimes peruse Shopgoodwill.com to see if anything weird pops up. I usually set a small budget and see if I can snag something for a project. I found and won this thing...Any idea what it is? I've tried to find info on line but no luck.



encore 3.jpg

encore 2.jpg

encore 1.jpg

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That's an interesting old bass but I don't think there's any connection to the UK Encore brand, which is owned by distributor JHS.

I'm guessing you're in the States - all the 70s & early 80s Encores I've seen are in the US, and (despite what some not-too-reliable online sources say) I'm pretty sure they're nothing to do with the domestic brand here. JHS Encores seem to have appeared in the late 80s & the details of this bass (brass bridge, P/P pickups) were more common 8-10 years earlier. Also, I've never seen one before!

Your bass looks to me to be late 70s/early 80s, post 'copy era', and from what I can see, probably Korean-made. There are some vintage MIJ & MIK Facebook groups with a lot of knowledge so it might be worth posting it there, with any luck someone might've run across one before, or might know more about the brand.




I'd be interested in seeing more pics - any stickers or stamps on the back of the instrument could help narrow down details, or markings on pickups, pots etc.

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I just received it yesterday. It's in remarkably good condition. It is a plywood body. The pickups are shot. Everything else is fine. It looks like there was something of an id on the back of the headstock but it was missing. I'll definitely check out those groups. Yes, I'm in the states. Thanks for the help .












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