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four on five


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Alright, might be a stupid question but here goes. Has anyone ever removed the B string and played a five as a four? I've found a few 5 string US Jazz basses in my price range but no 4 strings at the same price range. 

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36 minutes ago, TheGreek said:

I reckon there are many who "play" 5ers but only use the top four...

I have five wheels & tyres in/on my car, but only ever drive with four of them….

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5 minutes ago, Lozz196 said:

And it’s always there in case it’s needed.

Yeah, but be VERY careful 

Otherwise before you know it you'll be tempted to play entire songs an octave down 'cos, all of a sudden, you've got some lower notes at your disposal, followed by finding that you can actually play a fair few phrases more easily across the fretboard rather than needing to perform a merry dance up and down it...it will all end in tears.


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did do it. Once. To my eternal shame. 

having just moved from 4s to 5s, the band I was recording with were in Drop D, so I dropped the Vigier to DGCF and took what was the B string off for the session. 

I did it because I was more familiar with the songs in their original position on the fretboard, and the B string was just one more thing to control. 

That was >20 years ago. I'd never do it again- I must've improved a  bit. It was only temporary, The B went back on straight away. Not that the Vigier's neck was bothered one way or the other...

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