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Drummers, when playing to a click...

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Drummers, when playing to a click, what kind of click do you prefer?

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It depends what you're playing to. 

If I'm recording, I really like a cowbell quite high in the mix - and if possible different samples for the first beat of each bar. 

If playing live, it depends on the tune - for example, if quite percussion-heavy then you might want something more like an actual 'click' noise -rather than a cowbell -  ideally something that can cut through the rest of the mix. 

Sometimes you can have it only in one ear, but I find that quite distracting, so both is better.

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Low pitched cowbell, quite high in the mix. Since my ear is really tuned to bass, I usually record a bass track mimicking the click to help me stay listening to it.

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On 04/06/2021 at 16:28, chris_b said:

Cowbell and an accent on the 1.

Like Welsh?  Or something more exotic?

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I pinched these samples from a drummer I was working with, after really enjoying his click tracks. Use it on everything, seems to work really well... noticeable but musical! 

RITDO Click.wav

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