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Your rig setup for 8,000 seat arena

Lo Ki

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45 minutes ago, Steve Browning said:

A while ago now but it was a Mesa Boogie Bass 400 into a Boogie Diesel 2x15.

I feel like I have the spiritual current version of this exact rig... certainly the strategy eight:88 is heavily based around the 400. Had a Diesel 2x15 years back too, savage cabs! Heavy as all hell though! 

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On 20/05/2021 at 15:46, Lo Ki said:

Scenario- You're fortunate enough to play a 5-8,000 seat indoor arena. What rig setup do you bring?



Probably the same as always... they'll have a decent PA, right?

Or maybe even less, as the monitors will probably be decent, so my pedalboard and bass is all I need.

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When i was touring and playing anything from 2-7k venues (Not always filled 😂)

I was using a powered Bergantino IP112 (1k watts) with an AE112 extension, with a 3 leaf enabler pre.

It was too bloody loud,and I had it as quiet as I could and still got complaints. I went direct with a small wedge monitor controlled from the desk. Didn't sound anywhere near as good as the Bergy but no complaints and I could hear myself fine 😁

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A DI box and 2 extra big boxes of Malteasers - as a present for the sound engineer and the monitor mix engineer (they might be separate roles). In that size venue, the backline is rendered pretty much irrelevant and its all down to those two guys and the kit they specify/use/adjust.

If I were the one specifying/using/adjusting the FOH and monitor equipment, I'd take a crash course in mixing and try to do a number of smaller gigs leading up to it to gain experience. Or just get someone else in, who IS qualified and experienced!

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For a laugh, I used my spare rig / home set up of a Trace ELF and BF One 10 whilst playing the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.....

zoom in on the pic.

The lads took their small Fender Blues Juniors also as we needed to clear the stage pretty quickly after finishing playing.


Obvs there was a monster PA, plus we had our FOH eng with us, wedges and IEM's so I didnt' actually hear it - it was more for a laugh to say "I've played the Millennium stadium with a BF one 10 and TE ELF".

For the other stadium gigs, I've usually taken my TH500 and pair of SL112's - BUT, that's only for my monitoring and a visual effect for the punters really.


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16 hours ago, Beer of the Bass said:

With the sort of monitoring likely to be in place I probably could do fine with my Ampeg PF-50T and pair of 12“ setup, it's just that I suspect the guitarist would probably want to upsize from his usual Blues Junior and it's more a matter of looking and feeling in-keeping with that!

the acoustics in a stadium are really weird - and everything gets lost, so we've always run at normal, sensible volumes, amps are 'cranked' enough but tonnes of it back in the wedges / IEM's and let the sound engineer do what he's paid for.

For me, I personally prefer IEM's over wedges in large venues - with some ambient mics fed into the mix too.

Obviously, guitarists especially 'think' they need a full wall of Marshall 4x12's to play anywhere bigger than the Dog and Dustbin's back room, but that's another discussion!

I'm just old and miserable now and after 20 plus years of emptying and loading gear many times a week, I've accepted the benefits of a small rig (sometimes just a DI box) and IEM's. Obvs need a decent PA and someone to run it of course.


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