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Vintage V940 4 string fretless - SOLD


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Lovely, lovely little fretless here, made by Vintage, however I cant find any model number info anywhere on the bass, if you know let me know ;) (mystery solved - its a V940)

Active circuitry, fitted with some unknown black flatwounds, it plays incredibly well. Knobs are master vol, pick up select, and bass and treble active pots, giving this a fairly broad tonal palette.

Condition wise, very very good, I cant find any dings on it. The main body wood is some sort of bubinga/wenge type, with an open grain, but not as deep as wenge so I don't think its that. Weight is 4.2kg according to my bathroom scales.

In summary, a really nice bass. Only reason this is being let go is I have too many fretlii as it is. Collection much preferred, although I do get around the country a bit with my various works, so could possibly bring somewhere near to you.






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Vintage is a brand I see for sale quite a lot but know nothing about. They seem to use exotic materials (as with this) which I would associate with "quality" but they sell for not much. I like the look of them - a nod towards the Nanyos I so love.

This looks like a good bass - unfortunately I'm trying to persevere with 5ers and I've been burnt by fretless basses in the bass - I need to leave them alone.

I'm sure that this will sell without any problem - GLWTS.

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