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TRADED - Tech 21 - Sansamp Para Driver V1 (FS/FT - Aggy Pedal)

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I looking to see if anyone would like to trade this for a Aggy Pedal in very good condition (Not the Octamizer), alternatively I'm looking to sell for around £110 delivered. I took this is an part ex and haven't used it as much as I thought. It comes in the originally Tech 21 box (not the usual tin can), it does not come with a power supply.

Happy to post in the UK (Sorry EU chums).

The SansAmp Para Driver DI offers detailed tone shaping for any signal source and gives your instrument a natural warmth and presence as if you were running it through a tube pre-amp. Our exclusive, 100% analogue circuitry eliminates the unnatural harmonics of piezo pickups. It is particularly useful with acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and upright bass, as well as violin, cello, etc.
The Para Driver functions as a pre-amp, a stomp box, as a standard direct box with EQ (when Blend is at minimum), and as a standard transparent DI (in bypass). When you engage the SansAmp circuitry via the on-board footswitch, it gives you the sound and responsiveness of a miked-up pro stage rig direct into a recording console or P.A. system. You can also simultaneously plug
straight into a power amp or conventional amp.

Happy to answer any questions.






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Trade complete
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