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£900 PRICE DROP - Stunning Shuker 5 string series 2


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Now £900

5 string Shuker for sale. My 'go to' bass for many years.  Some marks on headstock and neck, little bit of belt rash on the back. Got my eye on something expensive which forces the sale. 

Update: just emailed Me Shuker with a few questions regarding the bass. He very kindly furnished me with the following reply:

Shuker 5 string Series 2 bass
34” scale
24 frets
48mm nut width
string spacing 19mm at bridge end
20.5mm neck depth at 1st fret
22.5mm at 12th
shallow C carve
Maple and wenge laminated neck
birdseye fretboard
brown mallee headstock veneer
2 way truss rod
carbon fibre reinforcement
brass/phenolic laminated nut
6mm black face dots
2mm black side dots
satin neck lacquer
jumbo stainless fretwire?
Gotoh GB707 tuners
swamp ash body 
brown mallee drop top
black veneer between top and body
polyester basecoat
gloss polyurethane topcoat
Seymour duncan stacked J neck pickup
Seymour Duncan MM pickup (series/single/parallel switching)
Shuker 3 band eel, internal mid freq control
ABM individual bridge units
black hardware
Think thats as much as i can tell! I thin it was originally built for a chap called Si Cox, must be 15-17 years ago I reckon.


Based in Macclesfield, socially distanced plays  available! (With Tea).










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Hi  Si Coxs had a another Shuker bass as well very nice 5string P bass with extras  lights .I went  from Cardiff South Wales with him to collect it I was so impressed When I got the chance I got something similar this  was another one he told me about .He also mentioned the Japanese fender jazz .He played great bass and Baritone Sax with 

a Soul Big Band and the  Wonderbrass He was fun to be with miss him unfortunately not with us any more


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