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Custom Shop Washburn USA SHB3 Stu Hamm- 7.5lbs! *SOLD*

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Custom Shop Washburn Stu Hamm SHB3, hand made in the USA. 

This remarkable instrument is actually the second SHB3 I've owned. Designed from scratch by Stu Hamm and the Washburn custom shop to be the "perfect bass". Ergonomics are particularly important to Stu, and that's one of the main reasons I tried to find another one of these. It's incredibly lightweight and so well balanced that you hardly know you're wearing it. You can tell that every element of the design has been carefully considered and laboured over. It features USA Hipshot tuners (with drop D extender), slim figured/flamed maple neck with a lovely tactile finish, radial neck joint (a particular favourite feature of mine), nicely figured rosewood board, meticulous fret-work with invisible fret ends,  TUSQ nut, a slim contoured body, custom EMG X pickups, a Hipshot Bridge with piezo saddles and a custom EMG X 18v preamp. It weighs just 7.5lbs/ 3.4kg and comes with the Washburn flightcase with the original tools etc. 
By using a combination of the MM and J pickups you can cover most of the classic bass sounds, I particularly like to favour the neck pickup slightly for a fat traditional tone with added weight. Bare in mind that the electronics are from EMGs 'X' series, which are designed to have the benefits of active pickups with the more traditional response and dynamics of passive pickups. Standard EMGs these are not. Also If you turn the MM/J pickups down, engage the piezo bridge and boost the bass, you get a very passable upright bass sound.
I've owned a lot of high-end basses, Wal Fodera, Celinder, Sadowsky etc. and in terms of build quality and execution this is right up there with the very best. 
A link to the Guitarist
review https://www.soundtech.co.uk/music-retail/washburn/news/washburn-stu-hamm-shb3-guitarist-magazine-review
Some bad photos, needless to say it's sparkly 🤩









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4 hours ago, hiram.k.hackenbacker said:

The thread title and the first line of the ad says ‘hand made in the USA’, so I’d go with USA.

Thats just nit picking. Anyone could make a mistake like that.....😬


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3 hours ago, jay-syncro said:

The good old US & A.

Yes indeed, and I am an idiot who did not read a very well written ad..🤣.Its really pretty. GLWTS.

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41 or 42 mm if my memory serves well. Short lived model as Stu moved on to Warwick, but I had a chance to try one and yes, the very well written ad says it all : light, perfectly balanced, punchy, and most of all but not surprisingly for those of us who know Stuart Hamm, VERY sparkley. 

HArd for a bas to succeed after a Kubicki and the Fender Urge, but despite the relative anonimity of the model, it IS a stellar intrument with a great pickup combination, AND the added value of piezo. 

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8 hours ago, busccini said:

I Heard This Bass in a live Bass Workshop Direct from Stu Hamm Sounds great and Looks great !!!!!

Good luck with the sell

Thanks, it is a bit of a beast! 

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