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Sold Barefaced Super Twin ….SOLD!
Saltney Ferry

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Hello One & All

Up for grabs is my amazing Barefaced Super Twin which I have had for circa 3 years.

Absolutely corking cab and honestly will take anything you throw at it and handles it with aplomb. I've run Orange AD200's through it, Mesa Big Block, Ampeg SVT II pro, EBS TD 650, Darkglass MT900, Ashdown ABM600 etc etc and every single one works with the cab.

Genuine reason for letting this beauty go, I have recently acquired a Orange BT500 and OBC112 and for the size of gigs I'll be doing from now on this will suffice. 

It's in good to very good condition, has a few marks on it which are shown but nothing that effects the sound or structural quality. There's so much info on the barefaced website so I won't bore you with too much info here. 

Comes with the Roqsolid fitted heavy duty cover.

I would much prefer to negotiate around delivery by myself or collection rather than risk shipping this. So please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss options around this.









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6 hours ago, Cosmo Valdemar said:

Why are these things always so far away?! 

I was thinking the same... I swear 98% of Basschatters are from t'north 

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