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“Sold pending the usual” Sire Marcus Miller V10

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Hi All,

Here we have a Sire Marcus Miller V10 for sale of trade ( £650 sale £700 trade)

These basses are fantastic and the V10 benefits from some nicer touches than that of the entry level models. The last time I checked there was a 3 month wait for one of these. 

Swamp Ash body with a really nice maple top and a super good roasted maple, rounded neck. (It’s one of nicest necks I have come across) it has the 18v preamp and will deliver a huge amount of tonal options. The gig bag is pretty good too!

The condition although not new, is not far off with only minor play wear. 

Happy to ship at buyers expense

I’m always interested in trades and will add some loot for the right bass. Currently I’m after a stingray but feel free to try me








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That's nice....

What's the balance like? Any neck dive?

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Oh my word, those woods are gorgeous. Who cares if they affect the tone or not :lol: 
All I can say is, thank god it's only a 4 string or my wallet would be screaming..!


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