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Bitsa Precision. Quality parts. Shoreline Gold. £400
Hemel Hempstead / High Wycombe

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Hi all,


Moving soon, so thinning the herd a little (although it will likely get replaced with a Lakland shortscale 😅).

- Unknown body, finished by the previous owner (a member on here). It’s a nitro finish, with a couple of slightly pale sections (ie it’s not perfect, see pics), but it’s pretty good and should age nicely. Likely Alder, but unsure.

- Guitar Northwest rosewood P neck, B width I believe. Nice neck which I’ve added a 60’s Precision decal to. A couple of light sprays of lacquer, so could be built up further, or removed.

- Hipshot licensed tuners. First ones fitted to the neck, so no extra holes.

- Fralin pickup, very nice vintage P vibes

- Comes with a spare tort guard.

- Currently strung with La Bella black nylons.

Put together and setup by a professional luthier near me in Hemel, plays really nicely.

Cash, but would add cash for a Lakland Hollowbody 30 in black.

Weight is just under 8.5lbs.








Sound samples
eminem bass.wav

Mac bass.wav


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I don't need another P bass, as I'm thinning the herd.... But this looks lovely.


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Sound samples added to the original post.
Very ‘tapewound’ with these strings, but fundamentally a good vintage P sound.


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Looks too new - tie it to the car and drag it around for a while and call it "Roadworn" -  there will be scores of people trying to buy it.

Such is the way with Fenders...


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