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I can't work out if this is for real or a send-up?

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Here's Puddle of Mudd doing an unplugged cover of Nirvana's About A Girl. On YT it's got 27k 👎 vs 11k 👍. Are the 11k right thinking it's a p1$$take of Kurt Cobain's singing or are the 27k  right knowing this pretty much fits in with PoM's less than illustrious career?


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Yes, it is absolutely dreadful and genuine too. You can see the bongo player and the bassist looking at each other in the first minute with the bassist apparently about to break out laughing. I guess it goes to show that not everyone who takes part in these dreadful performances earnestly believes in them. 

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I saw this a while back and its quite sad really. He used to have a decent voice but for whatever reason during this performance he struggled. Perhaps he should have cancelled. Better to miss a performance than do irrepairable damage to your career by performing like this.

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17 hours ago, Dad3353 said:

I gave it 35 seconds. No further comment. -_-


15 hours ago, martthebass said:

I made it to 45 seconds, do I win a pork pie?


5 minutes ago, mcnach said:


You're a patient man. I lasted less than 10.


Yay! I'm in the lead (I think). I made it to 0:46

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