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Hardwood low profile finger rests

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Hardwood Low Profile Bass Finger Rest. Handcrafred using the finest hardwoods.low profile and unobtrusive,can by used near the neck or by the bridge to suit your own playing style,we use woods such as ebony,purple heart,wenge,padauk,ash,maple,cherry,black walnut,and we make multi laminate finger rest as well,just tell us what you need,and we can make a custom one for your bass,all rests come with a oil and wax finish.all rest come 100mm in length as standard,but we make them longer or shorter,and very use a very  strong double sided tape,so no screw holes,Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st class for £1.50p







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I likes a thumb rest...

What are the other dimension? F3nd3r types look to be about 13mm wide and 13mm high <sticky out...>

Got an SR600 in plain natural ash, be nice to pick up on the jatoba / bubinga type colurs on the extended neck heal...

If the standard ones are 100mm would it be poss to have it 2-Part?

45mm slight shaped ends to fit between the pickups, and the 55mm slight shaped one end to go from the neck pickup with a chamfer on the other end by the fretboard?


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If the ash wasnt quite right with the aged matt laquer finish on the body it would stand out as different a lot more...

The neck type colours could just be near enough... I'll give it a go! - How do you want ya £6.50? post or message ya paypal (friend)... and I'll post up pics when fitted?

Some peoples were asking about ramps on here a while back, maybe worth considering, the height looks about right...

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On 01/09/2021 at 12:55, Rothko said:

The thick white double-sided tape is getting a bit sticky and moveable - have you found any thinner more long-lasting tape?

I often use carpet tape for my double-sided tape needs. No thicker than ordinary insulating tape and sticks like brown stuff to a blanket. Obvs it only works with totally flat surfaces but I guess these probably are! Available in DIY shops.

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