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Withdrawn 1965 Fender Jazz Bass
Villejuif France


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Editing my blurb as i don't have come across a trade deal on a 1965 or ealier Pbass atm. I'm still looking for one. If you got one you'd like to trade with my bass, i'll listen of course.

Up for sale/trade is my 1965 Fender Jazz bass. It's not a case queen but in pretty nice condition. No refret, no refin, no wax-potting (neck pickup has a mask tape but no wax-potting), all original except volume pots and one bridge intonation screw (G one). Tort plate has no broken horn, almost no bend or shrinkage, it aged superbly like did the whole instrument.

It's a great bass, neck has a nice broken in feel, and is dead-straight, with low action. Trussrod has almost no effort to do, and is super responsive when it does, pretty stiff and stable neck. It got a gorgeous brazilian veneer fingerboard, and resonant alder body too (period correct router hump of course). These L-serial basses used some serious woods ! 4,1kg on my bathroom scale.

Instant jazz bass tones of course, with a round and articulate neck pickup and gnarly bridge one. The thing just sings, got loads of sustain with this instantly recognizable 60s jazz bass growl, everywhere on the neck. Amazing clarity. Sounds even string to string and just great with both flats and roundwounds strings. Pickups are in pretty good shape, tone, mids, and output at their best.

Comes with original bridge cover and thumb rest, and a (quite battered) mid-60s Fender tolex case.

Looking for £7500 / 8700€ for this one, shipping included to Europe.


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On 14/04/2021 at 20:25, Hooch said:

Yeah it's just like earlier ones. They were prone to warp and shrinkage, this one aged superbly.

Very nice bass. The guards on '65s and '66s were often hybrids - celluloid tort layer on top of PVC rather than celluloid white-black-white. These are great in they have the real celluloid look but they hold up much better over time and don't shrink as much or crack/break as easily as the earlier all celluloid ones.

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On 23/04/2021 at 11:46, Hooch said:

Interesting, thank you ! This'd mean this tort plate is an all celluloid one ? It's from my 1966 Pbass but it aged in a different way. 



Hard to tell 100% from the photo but that looks like a hybrid guard to me (they can still break and distort, just not as easily as the all celluloid ones - the celluloid top layer still shrinks but the PVC layers much less so). The reason I say I think it's one with PVC base layers is the very thin black layer which is typical for those. The all celluloid ones tend to have a much thicker black layer by comparison - as well as slight translucence to the white layers.

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