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I'm hanging in there. I'm scheduled for my second procedure on 4/30. Hopefully it will be my last one. Work on my new teeth starts on 4/ 12.

Everything should be fine by June. I'm booked for the whole summer. YAY!

How are you guys doing?

I have attached a clip from a virtual NYE acoustic gig. Our set starts at 38:40.All originals Headphones or speakers recommended.




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38 minutes ago, skankdelvar said:

:) Good to see you back here, Darryl. Nice work in that video.

Enjoy your summer and let us know how you get on.


Thanks Skankdelvar,

I'm hoping to have a clean bill on my health by June. I don't want to cancel any gigs. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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7 minutes ago, EBS_freak said:

Brilliant - good to see you round these parts again


Thanks EBS,

I'm going to make it through all this health stuff. My youngest brother is a Physician, he's been a great help. It's nice to have a family member with a second set of eyes on everything.


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23 hours ago, SpondonBassed said:

Good to see you and the invisible bear are going strong.

All the best to you and the band.

Thanks Spondon,

That invisible bear might be the root of my problem Lol


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23 hours ago, hiram.k.hackenbacker said:

Welcome back. Not sure what it is you're going through, but it sounds like you're on the up and looking forward to the rest of 2021 👍

Thanks Hiram,

It's a colon issue and I'm going to win.



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Great to see you again! The NYE set sounds great, really enjoyed that. Love a stripped down acoustic band and that Club is sweet.

Hoping all the medical stuff goes really well!

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