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Pedals with Bluetooth Playback Functionality?


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Looking for a floor pedal/device with Bluetooth Playback functionality and ideally a Headphone Out. Not looking for some large multi-effects unit, just something more simple. NOT looking for a NUX/amPlug type thing. 

So far, what I've found that does this is:

Darkglass Element
Ashdown Tone Pocket Bluetooth

What else is out there? Surprised there are not more small/standard floor BT pedals/devices out there to be honest, but maybe I'm just not seeing them.

Thanks for you help!

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Well, you’re already aware of the Darkglass element, but just thought I’d mention I *love* that function on mine.   It makes it the *best* practice tool.

I use it in conjunction with my iPad and an app called AudioScrub (remix edition) for playing back music.

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