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Musicman Stingray Special 5 String 2020 TRADED

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Immaculate 2020 Stingray Special 5 string, with roasted maple neck and board, Burnt Apple finish. 18v 3 band circuit 


Just have to come to terms I'm not a 5 String Player!


now traded 









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Oh man that's nice. Stingray 5 is on my shortlist of 4 to try. But I would need to try as I've never played one. So I guess what with lockdown I'll have to wait and see if it's still available in a couple of weeks. I'm only in Brighton so not too far. Good luck.

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    • By fliegerhands
      Hi all,
      I'm selling my delightful Dingwall NG2 5 string bass in black. This is due to already having an ABI 5, so this isn't getting as much use as it deserves!
      I bought it new in summer 2020 and it's only had some home use since. It's fully set up, the intonations great and it plays beautifully. 
      I did fit a satin black pickguard from Quickguards (https://quickguards.com/) onto it, but I will also include the origional scratchplate if you want to swap back. It's also been fitted with Schaller strap lock buttons (I will also give you the part that fits onto the strap) but I will supply you with the origional buttons if you'd like.
      This bass also comes with the Dingwall case pictured. Collection from the Brighton (England, UK) area prefferred -  shipping would be at extra cost to the buyer. Please ask if you'd like more info and pics!
      Full specs and details are below:
      The Dingwall NG-2 is the signature instrument of Adam "Nolly" Getgood, bassist for progressive metal titans Periphery. Reflecting Nolly's highly-technical playing style, the NG2 can meet the demands of any modern bass player, with its range of cutting-edge features.
      Dingwall are renowned for crafting instruments of the utmost quality, and the NG2 is no exception. Taking conventional construction to the next level with a multi-scale design, this bass offers immense playability while projecting some of the most precise tones we've ever heard from a bass.
      The NG2 boasts an elegant and sleek body design, especially with its carbon fibre print pickguard. But looks aside, it is the instrument's materials that are more key to its focused and detailed sound. With the body formed from Alder, this tonewood has a strong mid-range bark that pumps out balanced lows and crisp highs, allowing notes to sound broad yet lively.
      Paired with a bolt-on Maple neck, this bright-sounding material further accentuates the instrument's top-end presence, with its 5-piece design offering incredible strength and stability. Letting notes cut through effortlessly in even the most frantic of mixes, the Maple neck's bolt-on joint also enhances their definition and attack.
      Multi-Scale Design
      The most noteworthy feature of the NG-2 is its multi-scale design. With a 37" scale on the low B string and a 34" scale on the G, the higher string tension on the lower strings gives the bass more punch and clarity where it matters most.
      Utilising fanned frets, these allow for super-accurate intonation across the entire fingerboard, with their slanted placement suiting the natural resting position of your hand. It may look odd at first, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to adapt to this type of neck!
      Electronics & Hardware
      The NG2 is installed with a pair of punchy Dingwall-designed FD-3N pickups. These deliver the thunderous and aggressive sounds most synonymous with Nolly, featuring Neodymium magnets for improved definition. The pickups are placed close to the bridge to further boost the instrument's upper mid-range response, for increased clarity when fighting against the sound of multiple guitars.
      Featuring a master volume control, the NG2 also boasts a 4-way rotary pickup selector that lets you use each pickup alone, or in conjunction with one another in series or parallel modes. With an active/passive switch that can let you achieve vintage and modern voicings, it is the Darkglass 3-band preamp that really sets this bass apart. Giving you control over the three main areas of the NG2's EQ, you can tailor the sound of the bass to suit practically any style of music, not solely metal.
      The NG2 is also kitted out with tour-grade hardware appointments, including lightweight open-gear tuners that offer a smooth feel for precise pitching. The NG2's highly-adjustable staggered bridge design also allows each string to vibrate more freely, for greater sustain and resonance.
      Material: Alder
      Finish: Polyester Base, Polyurethane Colour
      Pickguard: Satin black (Carbon Fibre Print pickguard also included)
      Material: Maple, 5-Piece
      Fingerboard: Maple
      Fingerboard Radius: 240mm (9.45”)
      Scale Length: 37" (B) - 34" (G)
      Carve: Medium Thin C-Shape
      Reinforcement: Heavy Duty Truss-Rod
      Headstock: Matching, Flat w/ String Retaining Bar
      Nut Width: 45.5mm (1.8")
      Frets: 24
      Fret Size: 'Banjo'
      Fret Material: 18% Hard Nickel Silver
      Electronics & Hardware
      Pickups: Dingwall FD-3N (Neodymium Magnets)
      Controls: Master Volume, 4-Way Rotary Pickup Selector, 3-Band Darkglass Preamp w/ Active/Passive Toggle Switch
      Hardware Colour: Smoked Chrome
      Tuners: Open-Back
      Knobs: Knurled Dome-Style
      Input Jack: Switchcraft
      Gigbag: Dingwall Gigbag
      Factory Tuning: B Standard

    • By Deedee
      I'm thinning the herd so this beauty has got to go. It's a stunning bass with a beautiful birdseye/flame maple neck that many 'rays of this era are known for.  This bass also had a fret level and set up by John Shuker last year.
      It comes with a hard case which I believe is original.  It's not one of the Musicman moulded cases, but I've been informed that it's a SKB which were used along with the G&G cases around this era.  It's certainly made for a Stingray as the inner moulding at the headstock has the lower cut-out for the G tuner.
      Manufactured 29th October 1992 Maple neck with Rosewood board Ash body Translucent Teal finish Matt black/white/black plate Metal battery cover 'Off-set' string entry type bridge with mutes 6 bolt neck plate Weight 9lb 13oz Neck width at nut 43mm It's in wonderful condition with only a couple of indentations to the finish on the body (nothing at all that has gone through the finish). 
      I'll try to capture these and add photos later.  EDIT - Photos added showing the worst bruises I can capture.  As you can see, they take nothing away from the bass. I'm just trying to be thorough.
      Collection or meet up only on this at present as I'm short of packaging materials. I am however willing to drive a fair distance for a motorway services rendezvous!
      Not interested in any trades at this time thank you.

    • By Kinder
      My sale fell through (the courier lost the bass, long story but I got it back) so it's back up for sale at £925.
      I bought this new 7 years ago and it was my main gigging bass until I moved to a Jazz. It’s been my backup since then so I’ve decided to sell with a heavy heart.
      It’s set up with flats and plays beautifully, the neck really is lovely. Comes with the moulded Fender case but I don’t have the case candy I’m afraid.
      I put straplocks on but don’t have the originals, so I’ll throw in the Comfort strap.
      It’s in perfect condition apart from a bit of scuffing on the G string tuning peg from where it wore through my gig bag. I've tried to show this in the photos.
      If you want to come and try it you’d be very welcome – I can set up my rig in the garage so we can keep our distance. After my recent experience I won't courier if, but I would be happy to deliver it up to 100 miles or meet the buyer.  I'm not trusting a courier with this.
      No trades thanks. I’ve bought loads of stuff from here over the years but haven’t bothered getting much feedback. I could ask some sellers for feedback if anyone wants reassurance.
      Edit: this weighs 9.4lb or 4.3kg. And string spacing at the bridge is 18-19mm.

    • By woodyratm
      Hi folks, 
      I'm looking to grab a Status in the next few months, so I've decided to sell my pride and joy - My EBMM Stingray Special 4HH. I've owned from new and it has been my most prized possession the entire time. 
      Lovely finish, totally loved. I've just had it setup with new DR highbeams at RamJam in Aberdeen. 

      She's got a 18v 3 band EQ and the usual 5 way pickup selector. 
      And the neck 🥰 The ebony and roasted maple is amazing. It feels amazing. It's comfortably the best neck I've played - so taking a bit of a gamble of the Status! If it doesn't work out... I'll defo be back to the EBMM Special! 
      Comes with EBMM hard case and Schaller strap locks. If anyone wants more photos, just let me know. 
      This is the serial checker from EB. 

      Serial #F82390
      Manufactured January 3rd, 2019
      Build Code 108-CP-50-01-CS-BM
      Model StingRay Special HH
      Color Charcoal Sparkle
      Neck Roasted Maple Neck Ebony Fretboard
      Pickguard Black Pickguard 2018
      Hardware Matte Black Hardware
      According to the EBMM website, the colour is discontinued and a few places I saw online aren't getting stock for a few months. 
      I'm based in Aberdeen, but happy to look at shipping. 😉

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