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Sometimes rock needs to be just fast and very loud

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Work stuff has been getting somewhat on me t1tz today, with certain colleagues even managing to irritate the feck out of me on Teams. So what do I do to unload?. Get in the car, find a straight empty road, put pedal to the metal and bung on some very fast, very loud rock n roll.  You just can't beat a bit of dirty, aggressive and breakneck rock n roll for catharsis and these three tunes hit the mark for me every time..

So, what 3 breakneck loud rock n roll songs get your adrenalin pumping. There are a few obvious ones I've left for others to pick😁

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Killing Joke: I Am The Virus

Monster Magnet: Spacelord

Can't figure out how to embed a YT Vid

(In Youtube : 'Share', 'Copy'; in BC : 'Paste':friends: ...) 

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17 hours ago, joeystrange said:

Sick Of It All.

Hey listen if you aren’t interested in a thread there’s no need to comment!


(I’ll show myself out)

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5 hours ago, fleabag said:

Cant say rock is my thang, but i have been known to put my foot down when this starts playing.

Fab stuff


While we're with the joke, I'll add in this, from their second epon album, released in 2003. It's a belter.


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Whilst knee deep in a spreadsheet earlier I listened to the debut album by The Virginmarys - forgot how great it is a straight ahead, loud rock’n’roll record. Produced by Toby Jepson of Little Angels fame I believe. Either way I think it’s a cracking one for cranking up.

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If I need a hoof in the sack, Jesus Built My Hotrod is a good start. As a friend once said: "It's just relentless!".

The videos are a bit... much... so I won't post them (but they are part of the adrenaline shot), but Acid Fuzz by Toxic Holocaust and Blasphemian by Infant Annihillator are both high in the intensity stakes.

A little more family friendly (by comparison at least) and has been stuck in my head for the last few days, just about any live version of Dr. Rock by Ween. It almost feels like a rock'n'roll manifesto.


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some of my favourite rock and roll songs in this thread, love it! from Ministry's Psalm69 album Jesus built my hotrod is awesome but there is also TV II, my earliest memory of thinking WHAT WHY HOW YEEEAAAAH!!!, also completely relentless:


There is fresh p****d off music too, I really don't want anyone to miss out on this London's trio righteous anger, and yes, my colleagues can get me worked up on Teams too, I am struggling to imagine what it will be like when we're back in the same room...




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