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Reading , Berkshire

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Note.. will take offers and will split.
Sadly I am being made redundant in May so I need to sell this amazing rig.

I bought this rig in February 2020 just before lockdown.

And it’s been sat since , apart from testing it out at home ! Never gigged or even been to a rehearsal, or even used as I have a home rig .

Firstly the Handbox WB-100 all tube 120w head , it is a great powerful head much more power and tone than you would think possible at 120W

but as it’s an all tube and not a class d amp 😊

Mesa Boogie vintage powerhouse 1x15 cabs

these are great cabs 400w ratings each come with Mesa covers and casters for both still have tags on

not sure of the weight but I can lift them easy into car.

 Looking for £1500 for the complete rig

thats a lot of quality gear for the money .

NOTE!! ..... will now take TRADES for a Bass

prefer Jazz bass 

 I will sell separately as  I been asked by a few 

£650 Handbox WB-100 head only 

£850  for both Mesa Boogie cabs  

£500 for one Mesa Boogie cab 

Please Note! I am not selling the Wal it is just there for sizing the rig😊

UK only 

Collection Reading area although I can deliver if buyer pays fuel costs.
















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its not that bad I’m 59 and can lift the cabs easily  and could carry to car no problem,

They have casters so don’t need to carry that far ., I prefer ceramic drivers , to me they just sound right.


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On 23/03/2021 at 14:02, thestick said:

Please Note! I am not selling the Wal it is just there for sizing the rig😊




That's lucky, 'cos without the Wal for scale, none of us would have the slightest clue how big a bass rig is :) 

That's a stunning rig mate, wish I could justify spending the money on it, or perhaps more correctly, wish I had the money to spend on it. Sorry to hear about the work situation, good luck and hey, you've got a Wal :)

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