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SOLD Shadow SH951 Double Bass Pickup - £30 posted

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SOLD Shadow SH951 Double Bass Pickup for sale. Used but fully working. Tried to remove the velcro strap but it put up a fight and left some sticky residue on the jack socket, so decided to leave it on. 

Looking for £30 inc. postage within the UK.




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    • By Lavuta
      Antique 3/4 double bass: Tyrolean and 'blockless wonders' old basses that were made without a neck block and emanate from the Tyrol, Germany and Bohemia.
      I want to sell this beautiful Tyrol/Bohemian 3/4 double bass, which is about 200 years old. 
      Made in the region of Europe. Nice brown-yellow varnish. Recently restored and in top condition October 6 2020.
      Many instruments of this type and quality have had a particularly difficult life. 
      The original body of the double bass 4/4  the was once deliberately modified to 3/4. In my opinion for solo play, jazz and improvised music.
      This a very solid double bass and ready for playing. Visual and audio reference visit.  
      Body length 105 cm
      Rib depth 17 cm
      Upper bouts 53 cm
      Center bouts 40 cm
      Lower bouts 65 cm
      String length 103 cm
      If you have questions, please write - (The price for transport depends on the distance).                     
      Antique 3/4 double bass Tyrol/Bohemian - opened for offers.

    • By jossmh
      A 7/8 size 5 string bass with a very big sound and a lot of clarity. The bass is in great condition with an adjustable bridge and comes with a Kinsman stand and high quality padded soft case. Fitted with Pirastro Chromcor strings - here is a description from the bassbags website:
      "The Eastman VB200 is a violin pattern 5 string double bass that is entirely carved from solid wood with figured Maple used for the back & ribs, and Spruce for the top. The fingerboard and top nut are both ebony. We fit an ebony tailpiece with a steel rope tailwire and an A grade quality bridge."
      Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

    • By d_g
      I'm selling this David Gage Realist Copperhead pickup. This is the pro standard pickup for double bass, very feedback resistant and good round sound. This one has been mounted on my spare bass so has had very little use.
      Looking for £120 posted and insured in the UK.
      Or pickup from Chessington, KT9.
      Any questions, give me a shout.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So today a new EMG Geezer Butler P pickup arrived with the mail service and I have just installed it, tested and adjusted it properly this evening.

      The old one from a P/J Geezer Butler set had developed an issue, from previously being dead quiet it suddenly begun to hum slightly when my skin was not being in contact with the bridge ground, and I tracked down the issue to being the lower pole piece of the pair under the D string.

      Whenever I touched that pole piece it would start making crackling noises, now this wouldn't be much of an issue in it self, but I assume the culprit, rather than being that that pole piece somehow having lost ground connection, was caused by the pole piece actually somehow having come slightly in touch with the hot circuit of the pickup, since I have also lately been suffering from unexplainable sudden rather drastic tone changes, one moment my tone sounding absolutely awesome, well articulated, and super snappy and punchy, the other really thin and anemic, and then suddenly muddy and unclear, and after going through my setup having ruled out everything else as being the possible course.

      Well, good new's is it seems like my spontaneous tone changing issue has indeed been solved, and in return my setup is almost dead quiet, even without my skin being in contact with the bridge ground, just like before my old Geezer P pickup suddenly went faulty.

      I suspect the issue might have been caused one of the times I soldered or de-soldered the pickups, perhaps leaving the heat from the solder iron on a bit too long, when I was experimenting with using a DiMarzio Model P pickup instead, that while also sounding awesome, very full, ballsy and punchy, wasn't quite as dynamically responsive, articulated and clear sounding as the Geezer, why I went back to that.

      Here the new Geezer P is, installed in my main Ibanez GSRM20 neck + GSRM20B body Mikro Bass, wired directly to the output jack socket (yes, I swapped the stock barrel type jack socket out for a regular front mounted one. And yes, the strings are rather thin for a bass. It is gauge .090 - .072 -.054 - 0.40 strings, tuned to F# standard tuning, as in 2 half steps above regular 4 string bass E standard tuning) :

      Sounds absolutely as awesome as I knew it would.
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