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SOLD Delano Quad Coil Humbucker £75

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Delano 5 string MM / Humbucker, custom build for narrower string spacing, £75 Posted

Ignore the £135 thing, I originally had a pair of pickups for sale but split them, that was the price for the pair.

MC 5 FE/M2 quad coil which makes it ideal for series / single / parallel, because each "single" coil configuration is actually a split coil. I've used it like that and it gives a nice range of tones.

It originally came from my Maruszczyk and was made for a string spacing of 17.5mm at the bridge, but obviously it will work with wider string spacings than that, and would work with wider string spacings if it was further from the bridge. The actual pole piece distance is 16.25mm.

It's worth noting that this is Delano's "triangle" configuration (they have a circle and a triangle on their pickups on the site, to indicate what is compatible with what, and also on the base of the pickups). This means that the two halves of each split coil in the humbucker are in different phase, so it works fine on it's own but would have phase cancellation issues if combined with other pickups that aren't done like that. I think they did the humbucker like that as it allows the pickups to have a single rail magnet along under all the poles like a non-split coil would (you can see that on the MC 5), although they seem to have moved away from doing this now as the MC 5 FE/M2 is shown as a "circle" pickup on their site now. Anyway, short version is: use it on it's own, or with a similar Delano, or where you just want to switch between pickups but not blend or combine them.

The size not including the lugs is 4.1" x 1.9", (104mm x 48 and a bit mm) which I know is the same as lot of other "wide" MM pickups.

Price includes UK postage. With sincere apologies I can only ship within the UK at the moment.

First pic is from when I first got the bass with the pickup in just to show positioning with 17.5mm at the bridge. 




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