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I find Mark very responsive, even out of hours. They’re not Amazon, but a one man band (plus the odd helper). Despite the higher commission than the Gallery they’ve sold all the basses I’ve sent on commission in a few weeks for far more than I’d get on here or eBay/Reverb with all the tyre kickers and lowball offers. It’s easy to forget there are very few dedicated bass shops in the UK, and I doubt any of us would do a better job for the profit margins on offer. They have a lot of very nice kit for sale, and post Br**it and the reduction of realistic buying options, have become more important.

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Nothing massively exciting. I have a Sterling SUB Stingray that has a Retrovibe Stinger pre-amp and I just thought I'd get a Nordstrand MM4.2 to add to it. Not really necessary as the Stinger does a great job with the stock pickup. I intend to get another SUB and swap out the electrics for the Nordstrand/Stinger setup currently in my OLP.


I'll then flog the OLP with the Sterling pre-amp and pickup and include the original OLP electrics too (passive VVT).



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On 27/12/2021 at 19:38, mr4stringz said:

The following from BD’s newsletter suggests improvements are imminent -


We have a brand new website coming in the next few weeks that will make searching and purchasing goods much easier and we will be adding more helpful content to guide you through the buying process for all items we sell plus useful tips and advise (sic).

I am weirdly excited by this, does that make me a saddo? 😂


In any case, I agree with the view that the current website isn’t great. However, I’ve found that their responsiveness via email and access to niche items you can’t really get anywhere else more than makes up for that.

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Big shout out to the team at Bassdirect!


I ordered a bass from them and it looked as though the couriers had used it to play cricket with it on its way to me. This is unusual because my other purchases have always arrived in great condition, so definitely not BD's fault.


I took the bass back (didn't want to risk posting) and they were great, no if's or buts, they did a refund there and then, great customer service.


PS - I did leave with a very nice Warwick. 🤫

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Ordered a secondhand Mayones Jabba from BD that appeared via FB feed on Saturday morning. Arrived on Monday morning - absolute minter of a bass! I've used BD a few times and they've been great. 

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