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Aguilar Super Double Pickups, Bartolini preamp and grounding

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I am going to be wiring these to a Bartolini 5.2ap 918 preamp. I have looked at the wiring diagrams for both and have some questions if anyone is able to help. I get confused with the concept of grounding  

The pickups have three wires which are hot, ground and shield. Can I just connect the ground and shield together and solder to the foil cavity shielding as one ground or do I need to do something separately for each of them? If I can ground together, can I ground both pickups at the same point so all four pickup wires in one spot? Further to that can I put all the ground wires in one spot on the foil i.e jack ground, pickups, bridge etc? I have attached the relevant wiring diagrams so I’m talking about the black and grey wires from the pickups, basically where shall I solder them?

Any advice is much appreciated as is anyone who can explain grounding in relation to bass wiring in simple terms to me as I want to be able to work on my basses myself....thanks.



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Yes, connect ground and shield together.

The pots might already provide a connection to the cavity shielding.  Check with a multimeter?

Often all grounds connect to the same physical point: the back of a pot, or a lug screwed into the cavity.

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