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Pedaltrain Mini (like Metro) with case

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Having a bit of a gear clearout. This is my Pedaltrain Mini (now discounted) - size is 20"x7" so almost the same as the Metro 20.
All covered in velcro, has been well used but has plenty more gigs left in it.
£30 picked up or £35 delivered in UK.
Any questions, give me a shout.

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    • By iamtheelvy
      For sale - Two Pedaltrain pedalboards. Both are the same dimensions, width and depth-wise - 24 x 12.5 inches.
      Sold! The PT-2 is the older model. A slightly flatter profile, with ports at the back for power supply plugs to fit through. Some drill holes in the rear for previous power supplies (fits a Voodoo Lab 4x4) and some dual-lock left behind from a Voodoo Lab x4. Carry case comes with a shoulder strap and useful front pocket.
      SOLD!! The Classic 2 is the newer model. A slightly taller profile, with an open rail at the back for power supply plugs to fit through. Again, some drill holes in the rear for previous power supplies (fits a Voodoo Lab 4x4). Carry case comes with a shoulder strap, but no front pocket (strangely, a removed feature on later models.
      Power supplies/brackets are NOT included in sale!
      Boards with their respective cases are £65 each delivered. Can do a deal if both bought together.

    • By decko
      Hi all!

      For sale is my Sadowsky UV70 five strings 2012.

      Condition is as new, case too.

      Sadowsky strap incudled.

      Weight is 3,8kg


    • By TomWIC
      Have a spare one of these now as the cheapest way for me to get hold of a tour case for this board was just to buy another whole set.
      So the board is brand new, still in its plastic wrapping (only taken out to inspect and photograph). The soft case has been used by me (sparingly) for the last year or so but is still in perfect condition, all zips working fine and no damage anywhere. Shoulder strap included of course.
      Collection in Southend or nearby Essex preferred, but I do have the box the tour case came in if you want postage at cost.
      These are ~£80 new so big saving for a brand new board and slightly used case

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