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Vox mini superbeatle bass

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I'm considering buying one of these to play with my Hofner Contemporary Violin Bass in a 60s cover band.

We do small pubs/venues as a rule with the occasional larger gig.

Am I right in thinking I can get an authentic 60s 'Paul McCartney Beatles' bass sound and for larger venues is it still good DI into the PA system?

Advice comments please.

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I woudn't use a 1x8 anywhere other than my house, and then only when alone. I consider a 1x10 the minimum for gigging, even with PA. As for it sounding like the original, I played through some Super Beatles back in the 60s, didn't care for them at all. Besides, even back then what was heard on a record was seldom pure mic's bass cabs. Very early on they used a mix of mic'd and direct. Sounding like Paul isn't difficult, use flat wounds and a pick, with not much high end. No one ever mistook his tone for the Ox.

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